72% Of Sexually Active Single Nigerian Women, Ages Of 21-30 Have Aborted At Least Once

Are there many people who still think “zip up” is cool? Certainly not! Abstinence is so old fashioned and the new cool is safe sex. The growing number of sexually active people makes this obviously uncontestable. And it is sad to learn that teens who are minors (under eighteen) are getting involved in all manner of sexual activities.

According to the Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative, 25% of Nigerian adolescents are sexually active. In a recent study, an estimated 23% of Nigerian women aged 15-19 years have begun childbearing, of which 17 percent have had their first child and 5 percent are pregnant with their first child. Does this sound a danger alarm?

Sex and rubber myths

Sex is beautiful and great, but just like medicines they have to be kept out of the reach of children. Why? Because it could bring a lot of responsibilities into the life of any two sex partners. As a lady, can you imagine the tension a sexually active unmarried woman goes through when her period is one week late? If you haven’t been there before, you might have seen one of your girlfriends panicking because of delayed periods.

Medics continue to advice sexually active people to practice safe sex and some Non-governmental Organizations even give out free condoms. But are condoms, 100% safe? Well, not exactly. Rubbers are 98% safe only if it is correctly used. What is the probability that two horny people can wait to get a condom on correctly? And even if they manage to get it on the right way, do condoms not burst or get leaky?

Why single women opt for abortions

Sometimes, delayed periods are neither a case of a woman’s hormones playing a trick nor a sign of Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). Sometimes, it is a sign of pregnancy. It is no news that unwanted pregnancy is every single girl’s nightmare. The bodily changes which come with pregnancy. The demanding responsibilities attached to nursing a child. And the societal stigma all single mothers are made to deal with. These harsh realities are not easy to come to terms with.

This is why getting rid of pregnancies has become popular. At least 7 out of every 10 Nigerian lady who is sexually active has had a minimum of one abortion. Sounds outrageous, right? According to a 2012 survey, 1.25 million cases of induced abortion were recorded in Nigeria. About 72% of sexually active single Nigerian women between the ages of 21 years to 30 years have had abortion at least once.

Is abortion legal in Nigeria?

Although the Nigerian law frowns at abortion and sanctions offenders with a 14-year jail term, the cases of abortion are on the rise. Babies who are products of failed abortions are found in dumpsites, drainages, and sewage tanks. Some of these cuties are lucky enough to meet a good Samaritan while others die before they get close to getting any help. Are you sexually active? Safe sex is more important now than ever. Unwanted pregnancies might be the least of the consequences of unsafe sex, compared to sexually transmitted diseases.

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