Always Want to Be Perceived as a Hero? You May Have A Condition Known As Hero Syndrome

I guess as a kid, you watched a number of movies where you saw superheroes saving the day. You probably grew up fantasizing about being a hero. You just wanted to see other kids idolize you, as you idolized yours. How badly do you want to be a hero?

Do you know hero-worshipping does not start and end in childhood? We simply outgrow our childhood heroes. Then adopt new ones to fill in the realities of adult life. Because the dream of becoming heroes do not die out! For most of us, the myriad responsibilities of adulthood suppress it. However, there are those who will stop at nothing to be heroes.

Someone who goes out of his/her way to get the hero tag is suffering from what is known as the hero syndrome. Hero syndrome is a condition in which a person intentionally creates a dangerous situation so they can be the ‘hero’ who resolves it. People suffering from this condition are in dire need of validation and they thrive on the applause of others.

Are There Groups with a High Possibility of Exhibiting the Hero Syndrome?

Oh yes! These groups do not mind exposing themselves to dangers and causing some damage in the process. They just want to be worshipped by the victims who would refer to them as rescuers and conversely heroes. People suffering from hero syndrome sometimes commit crimes in their quest for heroism. They might start a fire in a building full of people, pull on their ‘hero jacket’, enter the horrifying flames to rescue the victims.

Those in certain professions are however more inclined to exhibiting hero syndrome. For instance, civil servants such as nurses, firefighters, doctors, police officers, and security guards have been known to have a higher possibility of exhibiting the hero syndrome phenomenon. This is because they are often in situations in which the safety of a lot of people depends on them. If these professionals suffering from the hero syndrome, they will seize any available opportunity to walk away with the hero tag. But if the opportunity does not present itself, they are sure to create it.

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