Apple Makes New Employees Work on Fake Projects Until They Can be Trusted

At the time of writing, Apple is the world’s most valuable publicly listed company. The makers of the iPhone are valued so high that one would wonder why they couldn’t purchase a full apple for their logo. But that’s just one of the big mysteries of Apple.

It is general knowledge that the biggest selling point of Apple is privacy. Unlike most other tech and IT orgs that now heavily rely on user’s data for their ad operations, Apple has stood apart. It maintains its stance as a hardware and software company. What this means is that they have no use for users’ data. They also allow Artificial Intelligence to handle anything sensitive.

One of the big mysteries of Apple

According to reports, Apple has a very peculiar safety practice where they let their new engineers work on fake products. Until they prove, beyond doubt, their trustworthiness. They do this to prevent the leakage of their new products to the world. The idea is that in the event of a leak-out, Apple would be able to swoop in and identify who the mole is.

So yes, if Apple were human, they would be the lady with the trust issues.

These reports were borne out of the revelations in the book, “Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired — and Secretive — Company Really Works.” The author, Adam Lashinsky, drops this stunning fact. In the book, Lashinky wrote that Apple put its new employees to work — in his own words — on dummy projects just to assess their trustworthiness. Should they pass this peculiar test, they would then be injected into the stream of actual employees working on real projects.

Of course, this sounds like a training that one only undergoes in CIA or FBI facilities like Quantico. But at a LinkedIn event where the author, Lashinky, was speaking; a member of the audience corroborated the story. According to the individual, who claimed to have worked for six years at Apple. His friend — an unnamed senior engineer at Apple — worked on “fake products for the first part of his career. And interviewed for nine whole months”

Because there are always rumors about the happenings at Apple. The company hasn’t deemed it necessary to address the claim made in Lashinky’s revealing book. Some of Apple’s engineers also refuted this claim. Hush, not like we expected them to accept it!

What they do accept is that sometimes — or most times — engineers are not aware of the task they are to accomplish in advance.

Aside from the dummy projects here’s something else

The Dummy Project claim isn’t the sole reveal in the book. The author also claimed that Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder, was working on an improvement to iPhone’s famous camera before his death. With the help of Lytro, they worked on cameras that would enable users to shift the focus of a picture after it had been taken.

Because of this fantastic claim, I’ve reached a conclusion. The conclusion is that the bitten part of the Apple logo is the slice they offer to newbies before letting them fully in on the main operation.

While Apple keeps mum on the issue, let us continue to bask in the brilliance of their innovations.

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