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Nigerian males or females, who is more guilty of dishonest driving?

Anyone who wants to use Nigerian roads must be rugged and extremely careful at the same time. Why? Because if you manage to avoid the countless potholes, you will not be spared by reckless road users. These reckless drivers drive as though they have spare lives. Their haste, and disregard for road signs and traffic lights is the reason for 90% of road accidents and dishonest driving.

What is dishonest driving?

Road users are also fond of reeling insults at one another. Sometimes, it feels like they are using their tongues to call themselves to order. Other times, it becomes a fight. Punches are exchanged and a small audience of spectators watch from a distance, thrilled but avoiding stray punches. I mean, no one wants to return home with a black eye or sprained arm.

The common term for dishonest driving is ‘hit and run.’ If you are conversant with the Nigerian highways, you must have seen a road user hit another road user or a helpless pedestrian and zoom off right after. That is the height of irresponsibility, right? But that is our reality.

Sometimes, other concerned drivers drive to catch up with the reckless driver and ask him/her to go back and take responsibility. However, in most cases, the person guilty of dishonest driving escapes.

Which gender is more guilty of it?

We always say, what a man can do, a woman can do better.  But is this the case with dishonest driving? Well… You are about to find out. When road users find someone driving with shaky hands, they are quick to guess it’s a woman. “Na so woman dey drive!” is a very common expression. But if one drives close enough to see who is behind the steering and finds out it’s a man. The road user is first disappointed, then disgusted and begin to hurl insults at the man. “Oga, your sume-sumeh too much. Abi you be woman?”

Between Nigerian male and female road users, who is more likely to cause damage to a car and zoom off? According to our findings, 67% of Nigerian motorists who accidentally damaged a parked vehicle drove off without owning up to it. The study also shows that men are more guilty of this type of dishonest driving. Is this a case of we having more male motorists than female motorists? Or the men just know how to wriggle their way out of taking responsibilities like this?

Not exactly …

Well… most women do not know how to get around with the basic routine checks needed to keep their cars on the road. More often than not, they have someone, their husbands or a male domestic servant, who sees to that. This means that when they hit a parked car, they might not be able to say exactly whether it is a minor damage. Sometimes, out of concern, they try to identify the vehicle owner and tender their apologies. We all know that an apology is fine when it’s coming from a woman, however, we cannot say the same when it is coming from a man. So, to avoid losing some bucks, he zooms off.

No! We are not making excuses for dishonest driving. Be responsible!

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