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Cheat Buster: One sign Your Partner May be Cheating

If you are beginning to suspect that your partner may be cheating, take a moment to read this cheat buster.

To find out that one’s partner is cheating is one of the deepest betrayals in the world. The partner who was being cheated on, on realization is broken and deeply hurt. So much that it takes a while to get over it. Infidelity has ruined many promising relationships and even wonderful marriages. Some families are in shreds because one partner was unfaithful.

Things do not suddenly go south in relationships. Usually, relationships begin on a high note and gradually becomes lukewarm and eventually gets cold. There are always signs which partners carelessly ignore. Also, many couples do not know that they must take out time to service their relationships, just like they do, their automobiles to ensure it continues to serve them.

Why do people cheat?

It got boring: If no effort is made, it will just take few years before any relationship becomes stale. Except the partners continue to do new fun things, the calls and texts will eventually lose their spark. For so many, this is the point when they begin to wander away emotionally. And before they even realize it, they get into some sort of physical entanglement.

S/he stopped paying attention: When people find their soulmate, they tend to work harder at their dreams. They want to become someone that their partner can be proud of. For this reason, they tend to be workaholic. All in a bid to get promotions and career milestones in the shortest time possible. As a result, more time is then devoted to work and less time to their lover. Then they begin to lose each other.

Keeping in touch with exes: Some people say it is maturity to keep in touch with an estranged lover. Is it exactly so? A survey carried out by a sex toy company among 1000 respondents reveals that 54% females and 44% males have had sex with an ex. Some, just because of the familiarity and the fact that smoky wood only needs time to be fanned into flames. Really wild flames.

What one sign shows your partner may be cheating?

There are many signs that your partner could have some skeletons in the cupboard. If s/he suddenly begins to guide his/her phone carefully, don’t overlook that. Sometimes, the cheat becomes even more suspicious, snitching in on you and trying so hard to find a reason to substantiate his/her betrayal. Other times, they load you with gifts, become super sweet just to make up for stabbing you so deeply.

Do not be fooled by any of the above, if your partner suddenly starts spending more time “at work” and longer periods away from home more than they have in the past, they may be cheating. If s/he claims to be working overtime, you might need to call the office phone and ask if your partner is actually working overtime. You could also ask his colleagues at work or go to his office at closing time and do the overtime together. 

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