Do Lagos Women Cheat After Moving To A Richer Neighborhood?

In Nollywood, Lagos is portrayed as the city for Nigeria’s opportunists. It is the city where people in the village move to for greener pastures. Lagos is Nigeria’s abroad in Nollywood. And it is not so different in reality. The hustler’s gene is ingrained into nearly all her citizens. Somehow, that has also seeped into their relationships as confirmed by the results of our recent survey among Lagos women.

Recently, a survey of Lagos conducted by Posh and Venus showed that 58 percent of women who were faithful while living in below-average neighbourhoods cheated shortly after moving to a better neighborhood.

Let me explain …

Say a woman moves from Ikorodu to a fancy area like Lekki. There’s a chance she might start eyeing the neighbour next door. The only explanation for this is that women are drawn to wealth.

From university lecturers, to newlyweds, to every regular Johnny walking on the street, cheating is carried out with such reckless abandon that it is not so much of a big deal any longer.

As you already know, infidelity is not limited to just having sex even though that is the most perpetuated form of it. There’s also the blurred lines of emotional infidelity. That one, covers actions such as going out with a man, secretly texting them, or receiving gifts from them on Valentine’s or New Year’s. Especially if solicited and done without discussing it with your partner.

Why Lagos women cheat after a change in neighbourhood

Women have a proclivity to fawn over wealthy men. Yeah. But why then are the chances only increased when they change neighborhoods? What kept them so faithful in an average neighbourhood? Is that thing now missing in the new neighbourhood?

Generally, infidelity is caused by a myriad of factors — poverty and lack of sexual satisfaction, for example. While it may be difficult to pinpoint why many Lagos women cheat after a change in neighbourhood? We can hazard a guess.

A woman whose family moved to a better neighborhood cannot exactly be referred to as poor. But then it is likely that she meets people of a higher class there and her tastes also goes a notch up. Lagos or Èkó, with its bustling cities and gaudy ceremonies, is unmatched in terms of class. There, she might entertain the advances of the wealthy men aka Sugar Daddies. And these men who will now be her neighbours may make the thought of a fling a difficult temptation to resist.

Something you didn’t know about women who cheat

Interesting also is the fact that women — unlike men — do not really have qualms with cheating close to home. Unlike men who like to keep their affairs far away from their homestead, women according to a separate research were more more inclined to be romantically involved with their neighbour — and sometimes, even subtly initiate it. Shocking? I bet it is, seeing as we’ve been led to believe women do not know what they want.

We can infer that the reason why Lagos women don’t cheat in their average neighbourhoods is that the men around didn’t have desirable ‘wallet sizes’. In Lagos, everybody is all about getting up the social ladder. And they would do anything to make that happen. Anything.

Èkó ò ní bàjé oooooo!

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