Does Size Matter? Study Shows Longer Penises Give Women Vaginal Orgasms

If you are wondering whether penis size matters for your woman to get vaginal orgasms, this is for you. Let’s help you better her sexual experiences.

In conservative countries like Nigeria, sex is discussed in hushed tones. If you are reading this article, it means you are a product of one night of sexual pleasure. (That was just a harmless reminder though). Whether done for pleasure or for the purpose of reproduction, sex has served as a cord for bonding people.

Many live most of their adult lives trying to figure out how to make the most of sex — and for a good reason too.

Sexual satisfaction and infidelity

Studies show that the most common cause of divorce is sexual infidelity. The number one reason for sexual infidelity is a lack of sexual satisfaction. With the explosion of pornography sites, the idea of the perfect body and tool size have been sold to the consumers. This has had a crushing effect on the esteem of many men.

Men are super conscious about their penis sizes, and their ability to please their partners and lead them to the near-mythical female orgasm. In fact, in a study conducted by the University of Kentucky, 45 percent of the 14000 people who were polled wanted a longer penis.

So what is the perfect penis size?

Hurray, studies have shown that penis sizes do not really matter to women. However, research shows that longer penises were more likely to give women vaginal orgasms.

According to the researcher, Stuart Brody, “this might be due at least in part to greater ability of a longer penis to stimulate the entire length of the vagina, and the cervix,”

The average penis length which gives women the most pleasure is fixed at 5.8 inches which is about 14.9 cm. Another study published in the Journal for Sexual Medicine puts the average figure at a lower 5.3 inches. So don’t beat yourself up just yet.

In fact, the study also showed that only about 20 percent achieve vaginal orgasms via penetration.

Vaginal orgasms, a myth?

Absolutely not.

Although the path to male orgasm is a straight, tarred road that leads to ejaculation, the female orgasm is a curvier bend. Vaginal orgasms might be harder to come by in penile-vaginal sex. There are a lot of other creative ways to pleasure your partner and give them orgasms. One of which is the clitoral stimulation.

For people with a less than average penises, creative foreplay is the saving grace and the clitoris is the button that might propel you and your partner into Graceland. Even though the clitoral orgasm is usually more of a tingly feeling on the surface, they could just be as mind-blowing.

Studies show that stimulation of the clitoris is the easiest way for most women to experience orgasm. Of the 1000 women involved in the study, about 7 out of 10 people said they required stimulation of the clitoris to orgasm.

At the end of the day, there is no hard and fast rule for having sex, really. Good sex is certain when partners are willing to safely explore each other and find out what works for them.

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