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Easy Way to Get Anyone to Speak the Truth

Reading body language perfectly requires such skillfulness which comes with practice and experience. Mothers seem to be great at this. They can look into their child’s eyes, run a facts-check with the reflexive winks and say; “boy, why are you lying to your mom?” This one question literally scoops the whole truth from children. I bet you wonder, if this is just a superpower available to only moms. The answer is no! Here’s a cheat buster to use when one seems untruthful.

We live in a time when trustworthy people are so few. So much that the ability to see the things left unsaid in any conversation is a life skill. Whether it is a business deal, parenting, or relationship, everyone should be able to see through opaque statements! Everyone should be able to deduce and sieve the truth from conversations to avoid getting duped and deceived by fraudsters, fake lovers and cheats.

Here’s a cheat buster to use when someone seems untruthful

One of the key areas where one needs to effortlessly decode the truth is in love relationships. Falsehood is so common among lovers. “Say what they want to hear and get what you want from them” is what takes central space in dating, these days. For sex, many men have made women believe that heaven is in their pockets. Most women become easy prey because they want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle at no cost.

So, how do you know if the person you are about to get down with is not into you? How do you know if your sales girl is diverting your funds and altering the numbers? How do you know if this new business deal is just some court case in the budding? There is a simple general cheat buster to help you out. If you are trying to get someone to confess to something, remain silent while they talk. They will keep talking.

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