Why Men Need To Run Pregnancy Tests

We often poke jokes at potbellied men. We call them pregnant and ask them when to expect the news of their delivery. You are probably as guilty as I am on this matter. Ever conceived the possibility of men testing positive in pregnancy tests?

Do Men Have Wombs?

A story is told of a sick man whose doctor asked to bring his urine for a lab examination. He collected his first urine in the wee hours of the next day. He put it under a bed which he shared with his pregnant wife. Then snoozed away on a couch.

Not long after, his wife awoke and mistakenly spilled the unsuspecting liquid as she jostled for her slippers. When she realized it was her husband’s urine, she quickly urinated in the can to evade his scolds.
Later that day when the doctor revealed that the results suggested the sick man was pregnant among other health conditions. He was so scared. He had begun to envisage his death by the time his wife saw the test result on the table. And then narrated what transpired that morning.

“If a man’s case is not such as is in the above story, why else would a man test positive in a pregnancy test?” Most people ask that question because men don’t have wombs (uteri) or any alternative structures where babies can grow.

Why Males Test Positive in Pregnancy Tests

However, when a man tests positive in a pregnancy test, it does not suggest that a baby is growing within him. It is a pointer to a health condition called testicular cancer which affects the balls. Testicular cancer produces beta Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in the man’s urine, the same way a developing placenta does in a pregnant woman’s urine, hence the positive results. Because pregnancy tests are mostly designed to detect the presence of HCG in urine samples.

According to the American Cancer Society, some men with testicular cancer have no symptoms at all, and their cancer is found during medical testing for other conditions, such as imaging tests done to find the cause of infertility. This might be because, no pain is felt during the growth of these germ cells, only that, as they grow, they cause a surge in the estrogen level which is responsible for the development of breasts and lower libidos in men.

Experts say that a man who is diagnosed with testicular cancer might have to have his right testicle surgically removed, depending on the severity of the condition.

Ever conceived the possibility of men testing positive in pregnancy tests? Don’t you think men have to run pregnancy tests once in a while to check for traces of testicular cancer?

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