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Fresh or Cooked? What is the Best Way to Consume Tomatoes?

So much about our health and general well-being, depends on our diet. When we visit hospitals, we often hear a nutritionist advise us to eat fruits and lots of veggies. Sometimes, it makes no sense at all. We all love to have lots of ice creams, pastries, soda, and other junks. Unfortunately, the things we enjoy can be harmful to our health. That is why we need to eat more fruit veggies like okra, pepper, and tomatoes. However, some people do not know the best way to consume tomatoes. Should it be eaten fresh or cooked?

Fruit vegetables contain a lot of vitamins. Take tomatoes, for instance, they contain oxidants which help to keep the heart in optimum health. This oxidant could also serve as a panacea for skin diseases, and help you lose weight. I bet you did not know the bright red vegetable had this much benefits.

What more do you need to know about tomatoes?

Tomatoes are the 4th most popular fruit vegetable in the world. It comes after potatoes, lettuce, and onions. The vegetable reduces blood sugar in diabetic patients, protects against cancer, and controls high blood pressure. However, it is among the top ten fruits containing lots of pesticide residue due to the application of chemicals to the vegetables. This is one reason why you should consider having a self-grown garden. Self-grown gardens are good and they help households produce their own organically grown vegetables (i.e vegetables grown without pesticides and fertilizers).

Although tomatoes can be eaten fresh, researchers say it is not the best way to consume the vegetable. Especially if one wants to get its optimum health benefits. But if you must eat fresh tomatoes, ensure it is thoroughly washed. This is because, the remains of pesticide that might be left on the vegetable is very harmful. Also, because of the low hygiene of handlers, such as farmers, transport workers, and our local market women.

What is the best way to consume tomatoes?

Aside from stews, and sauces, how do you consume tomatoes? Over the years, some food scientists proposed that processed vegetables lose their nutrients. That meant that cooked veggies and fruit vegetables, such as tomatoes lose much of their nutritional value to the cooking heat. On the contrary, new scientific findings reveal that tomatoes have more nutrients when cooked. Research shows that cooked tomatoes have higher oxidants than fresh tomatoes. A whole new dimension, right?

Tomatoes actually lose a bit of the vitamin C in it when cooked, but through cooking it oxidants content is increased and that is very good. Because, it is the oxidants in it that prevents cancer, makes for bright skins and all the other benefits previously listed. No one gets the best from fresh tomatoes without first cooking it. So, the next time you buy fresh tomatoes from the market and the bright red juiciness would not let you cook it before munching, remember this!

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