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Happiness Is A Skill, You Can Learn It, Here’s How.

Several times, we have read stories of young people downing a bottle or two of the popular Sniper Insecticide to end their lives. I guess you pause, take a second look at the often-times beautiful young persons and ask, “how did they get to this point?” In 2019, Nigeria was named as the country with the highest number of suicides in the African continent. Happiness is free but why is it not available to everyone? Ever thought of happiness as a skill that can be learned?

What is often referred to as “packaging” is the layman word for how social media helps nearly everyone create an illusion of happiness for the world to see. With beautiful selfies and regular posts about achievements, one may quickly infer that a person is doing great. When in fact, he/she is just about to tip off the cliff of depression. Life is full of ups and downs which stretches everyone differently. We all cannot react to pain in the same way but how do we help those whose pain absorbers are weak?

Some once in a while, people break down and ask for help from their friends. And often times, these friends are quick to say, “Snap out of it!” “Shake it off!” Happiness is free, go out there have some fun!!” Others simply see the weak ones as attention seekers. Is this always the case? According to Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies, asking help is the first of the three stages of depression and the best stage to nip suicide.

According to the latest from neuroscientists, happiness is a skill that can be learned just like you can learn to play a musical instrument. Ever thought of happiness as a skill that can be learned? Share your thoughts with us!

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