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Helping Your Woman Pack For A Trip? Here’s How To Make Her Travel Light

It is common to hear people say, traveling is their hobby. But this quickly changes when it comes to packing their bags for a journey. For men who mostly love to travel light, this is hardly ever a problem. However, women, on the other hand cannot resist the temptation to pack their bags to its maximum carrying capacity. Are women not taking much more stuff on their trips than they need? Well… You will soon find out.

Traveling is a lot of fun. This is especially so for those who love to meet new people, learn new languages and get lots and lots of exposure. Traveling is such an important aspect of education which is often underestimated. Some do so because of the cost of travel or the ‘inconveniences’ of long road trips while others do so because of the possibility of accidents. Although all these sound like ‘good’ reasons not to travel, some people don’t travel simply because they get frustrated by the thought of packing for the trip.

Why women hardly travel light

Women need many more items than men. From cosmetics, to other vital body grooming items which they do not share or have a strict application routine. Sometimes, their beauty product brand might not be readily available in their new location and they do not want to take chances.

For this reason, “the average female needs around 57 items in her suitcase for a two-week holiday, yet many women pack nearer to 150 items” as revealed by some research. Women do not want to make excuses for not looking anything other than their best. The possibilities of emergencies, and the fact that every event, hang out requires a whole new look makes them want to take extra change of clothes.

According to a poll, 76% of 200 women arriving from a trip admitted to over-packing their luggage almost twice more than what they really needed. Nearly every woman you know may have been in this situation before. So, your girlfriend or wife is not just trying to make your trip less pleasurable with the heavy luggage. She is just being a woman.

Why talking Your woman into travelling light might be a bad idea

Men are known to be light travelers. They hardly ever have to bothered about exceeding the maximum luggage weight for their flight or need haggling with the road transporters. Except of course, they are traveling with their mothers, sisters, wives, or girlfriend. Women take everything… They take extra undies, sanitary pads, extra dresses, their favorite chocolates, everything in excess. And the reason is, “Just in case.”

I know how difficult it can be to get your wife to travel light. To get some of that extra stuff out of those bags is just hard. Because she will give you one hell of a time if any of her “just in case…” situations show up and it was you who insisted she got that stuff out of the bag. If you have been trying to get your wife or girlfriend to be a light traveler, by making her leave out some things, stop getting into more trouble. Just get her to read this!

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