Here is Why Your Woman’s Libido is Low

If you have ever wondered what could be responsible for your woman’s libido is low, this is a must-read for you.

A woman recently took to Facebook to tell her story about how she caught her husband cheating.  Although she did say the man apologized profusely, the reason for his action shocked me. According to her, he noticed that his sex drive didn’t quite match hers. Since he did not want to strain her, he needed a mistress to complement their dull sex life full.

First of all, it just came off as one of the many excuses cheating men cook up to justify their irresponsibility. But then again, it occurred to me that a woman’s libido could be low for some reasons and that might drive a man out to seek satisfaction elsewhere.

Women and sex

Sexual experience for women is a little different from men’s. A woman’s body needs time and it is why men are advised to make foreplay last longer. Other sex experts even argue that a woman’s brain is just as involved as her body. They opine that lovemaking actually starts way before she is pants down in a man’s arm. Well, this is not far from the truth.

According to a women sexual health expert, “Sexual response for women is a complicated mind-body reaction, which is why it’s so hard for many women to “get in the mood” when they’re distracted, whether by long to-do lists, exhaustion from being up all night with children or issues at work. It also explains why it’s difficult for a woman to feel sexual toward her partner if they are fighting or she feels unloved or unappreciated.”

Why Your Woman’s Libido is Low

Have you extended the foreplay period? Discussed with her on how she loves to be pleasured? And she is still cold when you initiate lovemaking? Then she likely has a low libido and here is why. Women also produce the male hormone called “testosterone”, and its shortage in a woman’s body can lead to lack of interest in sex.

What most people do not know is that a woman’s body is a wave of spiraling hormonal changes. At any given time, a woman’s body is processing the secretion of different hormones. This is what results in monthly periods, ovulation, conception, parturition, and lactation. For this reason, it is difficult for doctors to be able to ascertain a woman’s correct testosterone levels. This is why if you notice a continual lack of interest in sex in your woman, then her testosterone level is low.

Although age (early menopause), removal of the ovaries, and some medications can cause low libido in your woman as well, it is important not to take over-the-counter medicines. The right thing to do is to seek proper medical attention. There are remedies for low libido in women. However, it has to be taken on a doctor’s prescription. This is because it can be potentially harmful to a nursing mother or the unborn, in the case of a pregnant woman.

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