Here’s How Apples Can Better Your Woman’s Sexual Experience

Have you been wondering how you could better your woman’s sexual experience? You are not alone and here is why.

Every normal person wants to have explosive romantic sessions and lots of great sexual experience. And that is absolutely fine. Except of course, they are eunuchs or monks who are under an oath not to. We are in times when nearly everyone is more sexually charged than ever. Some people blame it on our music videos, movies, social media posts. They say the content is often too sensual and suggestive, but is that not what sells?

Sex and talks on sexual stamina often permeate the social media space. People make jokes, memes, and comments about how long a man lasts and his overall performance as it concerns satisfying his woman sexually. Some men have been so shamed for their penile sizes or/and sexual stamina that they now take Viagra and other sex enhancement pills. Does this come without any side effects? We cannot guarantee that.

Dealing with sexual frustration

The last thing a man wants to hear after having sex with a woman is that he underperformed. Something like, hearing her ask mockingly- “Are you done?” -while his member hangs limply having delivered its best. He also does not want to perceive from his woman’s body language that she was not satisfied. So, men use prolonged foreplay to buy time and do what they can to delay orgasm. I mean, do they know if there is a better way?

Sexual frustration is known to ruin lots of relationships. This is especially so when partners do not talk about sex or have intimate conversations. Talking about sex might be a difficult discuss for uptight couples and infidelity may have set in before the other partner finds out. At this point, fixing things would be really difficult. Especially for men who have to deal with a bruised ego and might not be able to look beyond the “I was not enough” feeling.

How to better your woman’s sexual experience

Is there a simple, safe and healthy way to get one’s woman to enjoy sexual satisfaction other than taking sexual enhancement pills? Oh yes, there is. It is as simple as ensuring she eats well. First, because a hungry woman will not be in a great mood and moods affect how her body would respond to romance. Secondly, carefully selecting what food she eats just before sex can make things a lot easier for you. Am I for real? Hell, yes!

Some foods are sex drive boosting foods. Very common examples are bananas, avocados, and apples. They are collectively referred to as aphrodisiacs. By including any of this in you and your woman’s diet, you both are working towards a better sexual experience without risking any side effects. Because aphrodisiacs are organic, healthy and nutritionally beneficial.

An Italian study found that women who ate more apples experienced increased lubrication and sexual function, increasing their overall libido. A woman’s body needs more time to prepare for sex than a man’s. Sometimes, men don’t have all that patience. However, getting your woman some apples can go a long way in making her enjoy every moment of the romance and sex.

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