Here’s How Bleaching Could Lead to Infertility

Even though we keep saying “black is beautiful!”, 76% of Nigerian woman have been reported to use skin bleaching products. It is obvious that the black skin is not considered beautiful by many. What do we expect when media ads rarely feature dark-skinned women? Even modelling agencies, movie industry and music stars are mostly on the lookout for light complexioned women to take up roles. Skin bleaching is promoted by the media and various businesses. And people buy it, just to look flashy without thinking of the immediate and long-term consequences.

Cosmetics with bleaching ingredients are readily available in our malls and markets. And some of these products are so cheap that even the poor can afford to buy them. The self-acclaimed skin doctors who peddle some of these harmful chemicals in the guise of organic skin care products are not helping matters. The so-called acne removers and skin glow creams sold to desperate customers are not 100% safe.

The world has seen many types of cancers in the last decades and scientists have traced it back to bleaching products. Also researchers suggest that chemicals from cosmetics on the skin especially for bleaching may be a major cause of increasing infertility rates and kidney issues in Nigeria. You may need to look through the contents of your cosmetic products to see if they contain hydroquinone and other bleaching agents. This will reduce your risk of infertility and kidney issues.

Wondering how bleaching could lead to infertility? Bleaching creams or cosmetic products reduces the strength of the skin and makes it vulnerable to radiations. These radioactive rays which are emitted from various gadgets and lights easily penetrate the skins to the organs. Continual usage of the creams and non-stop exposure to the harmful rays will damage delicate organs in the body. So, aside from slowly healing wounds, bleaching exposes you to more health risks!

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