How Being Overweight Can Reduce Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

Several things can reduce a woman’s chance of getting pregnant. Some of them are, infertility, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), partners sterility, and being overweight. I guess you are wondering how being overweight can affect your chances of getting pregnant? We will tell you.

“In 9 months’ time, we will come visiting…” That is an excerpt from Flavor’s “Ada Ada” wedding party jam which he dropped some years ago. It captured a very delicate issues some newly-weds have to deal with. The issue is the pressure couples are subjected to, if the first few months, pass without any sign of pregnancy. The newly married woman has her mom ringing the phone and asking questions whether she is beginning to have a bout of morning sickness. Her mother-in-law, on the other hand, is calling her son every now and then and asking “how far?”

Trying to get pregnant?

The frustration of trying to get pregnant is most pronounced in women. Everyone in the neighborhood, and her in-laws conclude that she cannot conceive because she is baren. Some even say that she might have aborted all the babies in her womb. Or destroyed her womb in an abortion gone-wrong. They hardly ever pause to think that the man might be the sterile one or has some other reproductive health issues.

More often than not, women get very worried and they begin to see different doctors. The religious ones turn to their clergymen; pastors, and imams. The tension can make women become so desperate, that they are willing to do anything just not to be tagged ‘baren.’

How to check your Body Mass Index (BMI)

Many women go easy on their weight check routines when they find the love of their life. They ‘slay’ until their prince charming comes along, then they sort of retire. No more workouts. No more strict dieting schedule. They just relax, waiting for breakfast in bed at the crack of dawn and they begin eating lots and lots of food during the day.

Before they know it, they begin to gain weight. They do not even think it is a problem because their friends would say their husband is taking care of them, hence the weight gain. This later becomes a problem for them when their Body Mass Index (BMI) goes above normal. BMI is calculated by dividing your height by your weight (i.e weight÷height). The normal BMI ranges between 18.5 –24.9. Anything above this is overweight. If it is up to 30 and above, the person is obese.

Being overweight and your chances of getting pregnant: What experts say

According to experts, “your weight matters when it comes to fertility. Obesity is one of the most common causes of preventable infertility in women. Adding that, 70% of women suffering from weight induced infertility, are able to get pregnant just by shedding some weight. They do not need to take any treatments to have their babies.

Fat cells store sex hormones, like testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen. An overweight person has excess of the hormones in store. This excess, sends a signal to the body system and the body begins to make weak estrogen called estriol. Being overweight can reduce your chances of getting pregnant, losing weight can boost them.  Study found that women whose BMI was above normal took longer time to get pregnant.

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