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Bitter Kola: The Natural Solution For Quick Ejaculation.

There is a growing worry about the duration which men last in bed. While many last beyond the average of 7 minutes which is considered the normal sexual libido time for men, quite a number of several others cannot have a sexual performance for up to 4-5 minutes. This worry is a concern, and the inability has caused many to become a laughing stock among women who refer to such men as a ‘one-minute man’. How do we remedy quick ejaculation?

Could there be a remedy for this? Yes, the truth is that there is both chemical or artificial cure, as well as, natural cure. The chemical solution involves the use of medications in the form of pills which helps to boost the male sex hormone responsible for sexual drive, even though this comes with a huge side effect.

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Bitter kola, an aphrodisiac

Research has shown that one of the top natural remedies for sexual drive and performance is Bitter kola.

Garcinia Kola often referred to as Bitter Kola is an antibiotic which helps to cure several health abnormalities such as lungs diseases, arthritis, improve the immune system of the body as well as several as a defence against sexually transmitted diseases. It is very common in West Africa and mostly found in the tropical region. It is particularly common in the Northern part of Nigeria. Garcinia Kola has a bitter taste, however, its medicinal significance is unlimited.

How do we remedy quick ejaculation? Consumption of bitter kola few minutes before sexual intercourse helps to improve sexual performance. This is also a remedy for men with weak erection. Additionally, daily consumption of bitter kola in the right amount helps to increase sexual drive for men with low libido.

One key importance of bitter kola is its high ability to cure sexual impotence. The seed, fruit, nuts, and barks of bitter kola contain chemicals which help to boost sexual drive. Research has shown that bitter kola contains chemicals such as Vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, Calcium, potassium, irons as well as antioxidants. It should also be noted that the consumption of Bitter kola in excess may lead to diabetes or perhaps insomnia. It is therefore advisable to eat this kola with caution

Did you know Bitter Kola could improve your sexual performance?

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