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How Having Children in Marriage Increases Divorce Chances?

What tears couples apart? Each time things go south in a relationship; many people look back on the wedding and the tender moments the couple shared on their big day. And they wonder what could have gone wrong. Where did all the passion go to? How did they so easily forget their vows? Why are they pushing for divorce only a few years when they vowed to be together forever? So many questions!

I wish we had all the answers to these questions but then, life happens. Love is sometimes not enough. People change their minds and life must go on. If two people who thought they could dot on each other for the rest of their lives suddenly lose interests, isn’t it better for them to walk away from the emotional torture of putting up with each other? Well… The decision is theirs.

Does having a child before marriage tear couples apart?

Baby Mama and Baby Daddy tags are now a lot more popular than they were in the last few years. In the past, it was a sort of abomination to have a child out of wedlock. Parents blow the situation out of proportion and label kids who tow the Baby Mama line, a black sheep. Yeah, it used to be that bad.

Although having children before marriage is still frowned at, it seems like celebrities having a string of Baby Mamas have kind have endorsed it. Being a single mom or dad does not make anyone write you off anymore. Co-parenting is peacefully done while one parent, mostly the mother, takes custody of the child.

Does having a child before marriage increase the chances of a divorce? This used to be the popular belief, which no longer holds true according to research. Yeah. That two people had a child before they decided to be legally married puts no strain on their marriage. In fact, having kids after marriage is more likely to push two lovers apart. According to research, having children before marriage does not increase divorce chances when compared to having children after marriage. Wondering what could be responsible for that?

How having children increases your chances of opting for a divorce

When lovers decide to start a family, after dating and courting for some years, it is usually a beautiful thing. People gather to cheer them and just be a part of their big day. After the eating, drinking and dancing ends, reality dawns on them. It is a lot easier before the kids begin to come. When childbearing starts, things could get pretty difficult. Why?

Having a child changes the whole schedules. Your sleeping time is altered. Your weekly couples time out might also have to change. The child(ren) becomes the centre of all the couples. All their decisions revolve around the baby and this can make the relationship suffer. Gradually, couples begin to drift apart, only having real conversations when they need to make budgets for family needs. Having a child after marriage does increases a couple’s chances of opting for a divorce.

Don’t write off a relationship simply because it has produced a baby before it became official!

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