How Likely Are You to Get Help If Your Car Breaks Down on Nigerian Highways?

It is a common Nollywood scene to see a total stranger stop to help another motorist with a flat tire or some other automobile problem. Does this really mirror what is obtainable in Nigeria? Those who frequently travel by road, whether it be intra-state or inter-state journeys will have their stories to tell. And much of it would be waiting for hours on end to have a mechanic come from town. This can be frustrating and really risky. How likely are you to get help if your car breaks down?

The porous nature of security in Nigeria dissuades nearly every Good Samaritan from lending a hand. With the increasing numbers of kidnaps, herdsmen attack, and Boko Haram activities, road users are careful not to stop by lonely paths. Stories have been told of people who in trying to help stranded motorists and passengers got robbed, kidnapped or even got killed. The Federal Road Safety even cautions road users to be careful.

Nigerians are advised to check their cars every time before hitting the road. The routine checks are to ensure that they spot faults and fix them to avoid getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. Regardless of routine checks and frequent servicing of cars, they could break down when they least expected. Motorists need to have spare tires, fire extinguishers, and other quick fix equipment just in case.

Acquiring basic automobile quick fix skills is a very smart thing to do. This is because almost 70% of Nigerians admit they wouldn’t stop to help someone whose car broke down. Although, men are more likely to stop and assist the person who broke down if they were attractive. Women are mostly risk-averse and hardly ever know how to fix their own cars. How much more helping others. To reduce your road hassles, go out prepared and always have a mechanic’s number handy!

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