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How Nigerian Men and Women Plan to Handle Infidelity Vs How They Actually Handle it

Of recent, viral videos of wives physically assaulting their husbands’ side-chics and mistresses are beginning to flood the internet. What I see in each of these videos is a woman acting under the influence of emotional pain. What follows on realizing that one’s partner cheats must be devasting. Many commentators say women should confront their husbands first and file a divorce if he doesn’t turn a new leaf. And I say, how smart! How Simple! Isn’t talk that cheap? What is the best way to handle infidelity?

Marriage is definitely not butter and honey. There will be sweet days and sour days. It is the couple’s ability to navigate through the tides that makes all the difference. Infidelity is just one of the many issues married couples deal with. Either of the couples can get carried away in a careless moment or even deliberately go through the stages of emotional infidelity before climaxing it with sex. While cheating women are exposed by paternity tests; side-chics are now so gusty that they no longer stay under the covers.

How to handle infidelity

After every case of public drama over a cheating partner, people ask: ‘what is the best way to handle an incident of infidelity?’ In the light of this, Posh & Venus did a survey and found that 83% of men and 69% of women in Nigeria say they wouldn’t forgive a cheating partner. However, study shows that 64% of couples still stay together even after an incident of infidelity. Leaving a partner after a couple of kids is not easy for the couples and it is even harder for the kids. I think couples consider the years of growing together and grooming each other and consider forgiveness.

We cannot say either staying with, or leaving a cheating spouse is the best way to handle infidelity. The decision is for the parties involved, after considering the number of times a partner cheated and the emotional elasticity of the partner cheated on. Howbeit, assaulting the side-chic or side-boo of your partner is a horrible way to go about infidelity.

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