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How Often You Kiss Your Partner Can Tell Whether You Are In A Happy Relationship Or Not

Romantic gestures like kissing and smooching are not just indicators of intimacy for lovers. The frequency at which a couple shares them are pointers to a happy relationship. But many people are unaware. Do you know that the degree of happiness in your relationship can be determined by how frequently you feel like kissing your partner?

How often do you share a kiss with your partner? Often? Rarely? Kissing your partner is more than a romantic ritual. Experts say, it has loads of mental and physical benefits. Surprisingly, these benefits come whether you’re pecking your momma or kissing your girlfriend.

What are the benefits of kissing?

Do you know that after a long day, coming home to a big, warm hug and a few minutes of passionate kisses will help you relieve stress, and anxiety?

Kisses are great stress relievers. Nearly every Nigerian adult do have days to weeks in which they are stressed by difficult spouses, work conditions, delinquent kids, or whatever. Managing stress is not something most of us know how to do. Sometimes, reading self-help materials and even seeing a therapist would not eliminate a reoccurrence of the conditions which put us under stress.

Whether you are stressed, anxious, battling a low on self-esteem, having cramps or some nagging pain, a deep and passionate kiss can make you feel better. Amazing, right? Yeah. Kisses are just that magical. And interestingly, kisses burn out body calories and serve as a perfect workout for your facial muscles. Each time, you share a kiss with your partner, immerse yourself in it to get the best out of it.

Kissing your partner often shows if you are in a happy or unhappy relationship

Now that you know that kisses are much more than a romantic ritual or just a foreplay, are you beginning to long to share a kiss with your partner, already? Or you just wonder where all the desire to kiss your partner went to.

According to David Seddon, a renowned counselor, a danger alarm sounds when a person stops feeling like kissing his or her partner. Speaking from experience, he says the relationship has hit the rock or just about to do so. In his words; “kissing is a particularly good indicator.  If you have no desire to kiss your partner it is likely to mean that your relationship is either in trouble or is soon going to be heading that way.” He added that, “Couples who kiss even after a very bad argument are effectively saying, “although I really don’t like what happened just then, I do love you anyway, and things can be worked out.”

A relationship can be heading south yet the sex might just be as great as ever. This is, however, a little different when it comes to kisses. An emotional connection is needed for a kiss to be truly felt. If you and your partner don’t kiss often, you are most likely in an unhappy relationship. Lots of kissing indicate a happy relationship.

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