How to Apply Your Lipsticks for Brighter Smiles

Wearing moderate makeup is a great way for women to accentuate natural beauty. But moderation is a rare word in today’s world of beauty and fashion. It often seems like a competition to look the weirdest or craziest all in a bid to slay. The last few days have seen an increase in the number of self-acclaimed beauticians. From cosmetic producers to makeup artists to cosmetic surgeons, the beauty world is “cashing out” just because there are many people who feel insecure about certain skin problems or scars.

Women need to be more comfortable in their own body, to get the best out of beauty products. Bearing this in mind will help them realize that makeup is basically to enhance their beauty and not transform them into some plastic barbie doll. African women have to create their own standard of beauty and throw out their identity and uniqueness while trying to catch up with other people’s definition of beauty.

Not every female needs to enroll for a makeup training to know how to wear it moderately. Care has to be taken not to buy products which are for women with skins two shades lighter than yours. This is where most women get it wrong. The makeup seller wants to make some sales, and convinces the buyer that a product suits them even when it does not.

Selection of lipsticks, for instance, can get a bit tricky. There are many different shades of any particular color. After selecting the particular shade you want, you will need to decide if you want the glossy or the dry lipstick. You also can generate deeper or lighter shades by using two different colors of lipstick. However, when you use lipsticks, line your lips properly to avoid smearing it. Also, lipstick on the teeth is not right. Wipe your lips from inside out when you are done applying your lipstick to keep your teeth shiny white. Properly applied lipsticks make your smiles better and brighter!

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