How to Politely Leave Parties Without Offending your Hosts

There are days when one gets informed of something very urgent to go attend to in the middle of a party. The dancing is still on, the party jollof and drinks have not even been served yet. And you have to dash out to attend to an emergency situation at home or at your place of business. Ever been in this situation? How did you handle it?

Or let’s say you are an introvert whose batteries gets easily drained when in public. And right in the middle of the merriment at a friend’s ceremony you feel a strong need to withdraw. Like you can virtually hear, ‘battery low, please plug charger to continue to use.’ How did take your leave? Did you sneak out?  That was bad! Here’s a way to politely excuse yourself from parties.

Having to leave a party when the whole merriment is still underway is sometimes unavoidable. And when circumstances bring anyone to this point, sneaking out in the guise of heading to the restroom and bolting away is impolite. Turning to your friends at the table and bidding them farewell is you being rude to your host. There are some simple etiquettes which you need to know about exiting parties in the most polite way ever.

If you need to leave a party early, get to the hosts and tell them that you have to go. Saying goodbye to other guests may appear to them as a cue too leave. Agreeably, the hosts would have a lot of people around them. They will also be up and about making sure everyone is having a good time. And we know this is stressful, especially for big parties where everything cannot be left to event planners and caterers. So, you have to watch for when the ‘coast’ is clear and register your farewell.

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