How to Raise Smart and Creative Children and Help Them Learn a New Language Easily

Everyone likes to be a parent to the smartest kid in a room full of children. You may have met one of such kids who cracks every riddle and spells the longest words before you say “Jack…” How do people raise smart and creative children? Or are they born that way?  These are some very important questions parents try to answer when they see their child’s poor performance.

A popular Nigeria parents’ rhetoric when their kids arrive home with poor report sheets is, “the person who took first position in your class, does s/he have two heads? Although we frown at comparison because of how it can quickly reduce a person’s self-worth, but they can’t help it. In fact, the rhetoric has come to stay among Nigerian parents. Most of them are not aware that there are some simple parenting must-dos which can help them raise smart and creative children.

Want to Raise Brilliant kids? Do these

There are a number of things parents who want brilliant kids should do. One of them, for instance is paying more attention to a child’s diet in their first 1000 days on earth. Those first few months in a child’s life are very important. They are pivotal to a child’s general wellbeing.

Raising your child to become that smart and brilliant child you can always be proud of begins from that time. This is why nursing mothers are asked to watch their diet. They are also advised to try as much as possible to opt for exclusive breastfeeding (baby friendly). Breast milk is not only rich in nutrients and antibodies it is naturally equipped with proteins that sharpen a child’s intellect and makes them smarter.

For convenience, 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding might be too much to ask from a working-class mom but this is one sacrifice that needs to be made. Also, it doesn’t stop when your toddler is weaned. Your child’s diet has to be balanced. Care must be taken to include brain foods such as fish, eggs, nuts, milk, and carrots. Cut down on those junks!

Want your children to learn a new language? This simple trick will help you

In raising smart and creative children, it is not always about doing ‘big’ things. Yeah, it is not about going out of your way to enroll them in the most expensive schools in town. You also don’t need to break the bank to hire a private tutor.

Sometimes it is as simple as encouraging your child to be expressive when they learn. A study shows that children become more creative and learn languages more quickly when they are encouraged to gesture with their hands. One easy way to achieve this is to be friendly and do not shout them down even when they make mistakes.

Learning a new language can be difficult and it is especially so for kids if they cannot make mistakes without getting spanked. If you want your kids to learn your language or a foreign language, teach them how to gesture with their hands while they speak. This goes a long way.

Truth is, smart parents do not leave all their children’s tutoring to teachers. They sort of take over the teaching during the weekends and see how a child is doing. This helps them know what they need to tell their kid’s teachers to adjust at the next open day.

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