If You Rest When You Are Tired, You Are Wrong

Sometimes you wake up from a seven-hour sleep and you just roll on your bed or sit on the couch in the sitting room listening to the wall clock tick away. You struggle with a yawning bout and you curse Monday for coming so quick. You’re just tired and want to rest some more.

We have all experienced this form of fatigue at some point in our lives. Every day, we expend energy carrying out different tasks — from tasks as simple as warming the car to the complex one at the office that has you slouching on your chair for hours. Your boss may have even complained about your declining productivity.

Well, there is a solution to your problem.

One of the most effective ways to combat tiredness is to exercise. Studies published in the Psychological Bulletin revealed that 90% of the test group involved in exercises were less likely to feel fatigued than people who did not exercise.

This is due to the fact that exercising increases blood flow and helps to metabolize energy more effectively. This might come off as a counterintuitive solution to many people. I mean, why would a person who is tired engage in something as strenuous as exercise, right?

Why exercise when you should rest?

Well, the key is asking yourself if you are indeed tired. Many times, without even realizing it, we connive with our bodies and brain and convince them that we are tired. When, in fact, we are not. So the question you should ask is: “Am I really tired? Or am I just being lazy?”

One of the easiest ways to answer this question is to ascertain how much time you have slept. If you have had enough sleep (that is seven hours of sleep at least, according to the National Sleep Foundation), then you have no excuse not to exercise.

Exercising does not only help with metabolism and energy generation. It is also linked to improved concentration and mental alertness, stress management, improved quality of sleep, and a release of endorphins (or feel-good hormones). All these would keep you happy and bubbling with energy all day.

Go for exercises as simple as taking a brisk 15-minute walk, light weightlifting, push-ups and yoga. A glass of water should get you started! Get up and get cracking! Your fitness routine won’t complete itself.

If you are ‘genuinely’ exhausted though, rest!

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