Is your Girlfriend Crossing Set Boundaries? Here’s What to do

One horrible place to let any relationship get to is the ‘see-finish’ point. At this point, lovers begin to take each other for granted. They have seen all the shades of each other, from strengths to weaknesses. At this point, it takes discipline not to go crossing boundaries. Is your relationship approaching this dangerous bend? You and your partner need to sit down, talk it over, and deliberately retreat before it ends what you have. Yes. Crossing boundaries in relationships have severe consequences.

Setting boundaries in relationships is a very important part of any lasting relationship. But it is often overlooked. Many believe that it is unnecessary. Perhaps, because they feel love is a kind of insurance to keep their partners from hurting them. However, time and time again, we have seen partners profess love to each other and later get violent and abusive. This, together with the uncertainties of life, is a very strong reason to set strict boundaries.

Why healthy boundaries are good for relationships

Care must be taken to set only healthy boundaries, because they are unhealthy boundaries which would expose the relationship to problems.

Without healthy boundaries, over-familiarity will grow and the relationship will hit the rocks anytime. According to a relationship expert, over-familiarity is one of the main silent-killers of love in relationships and marriages. It is the reason why a person would begin to cross his/her partner’s set boundaries on minor issues and proceed to the major ones. No one feels good when they are put down or disregarded all in the name of love.

To even keep quiet about the mistreatment inherent in crossing boundaries does no good. It does not mean that you love your girlfriend/boyfriend more. If you let your girlfriend cross small boundaries without consequences, she will keep crossing until all boundaries are dead. And you’d be left with no dignity. Always deal with her bad behavior by communicating it and showing your displeasure without violence.

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