Male Puppies Are Clever Romantics

It is a good thing that there is no internet kingdom. In an era that has been largely scarred by cyber wars on gender supremacy, it is a relief that dogs — man’s proverbial best friends — have not caught the whiff of this ‘bone’ of contention. Imagine dogs had a Twitter of their own (they would have joined in the barking). What other interesting facts about dogs do you know?

Puppies are sweet — don’t we all know that? What I am sure you didn’t know, however, is that male puppies have “Chivalry” as their middle name. Bingo is the first name, of course! Or Romeo, maybe.

More Interesting Facts About Dogs

Recent studies have shown that male puppies, when playing with female puppies, are as gentlemanly as lovestruck characters in a classic Shakespearean novel. These male puppies, although physically superior to the females, literally ‘roll over’  and allow themselves to be dominated by their female counterparts.

According to Camille Ward, the lead author of the scientific journal “Animal Behavior”, the male puppy’s gentlemanly behavior is often accompanied with a bow.

“A playful bow…” as she puts it, “…is a signal that dogs use when they want to communicate their playful intentions to a potential play partner”.

The researchers conducted a study on four puppy litters of varying breeds namely: Dobermans, Labrador Retrievers, Alaskan Malamutes, and a Shepherd mix, and as early as seven weeks, they noticed a pattern in a puppy’s selection of play partners.

While female puppies mostly made playful overtures towards other females, male puppies were less inclined to playing with other male puppies, and even when they did, they did so with a lot less softness than when they were playing with female puppies.

It must be a part of their bro code!

When they played with females, the male puppies were wont to licking the female’s muzzles and crouching low on the ground; a position that leaves them susceptible to attack.

Camilla Ward and her team of scientists have revealed that the puppies employed these techniques to build closer relationships with the females and soften the ground for future mating opportunities. Clever romantics!

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