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Medical Research Reveals Link Between a Rough Marriage and the Risks of Having a Heart Disease

Many people, especially women, sulk when they are unable to meet their dream partner. Some hate singlehood so much that they demonize it. Do you know that you might be doing yourself a favor by staying single? Medical research has confirmed that your heart benefits from your singleness. And it’s not just about saving it from a heartbreak. There’s more to it! It goes as far as bettering the overall health of your heart and reducing your risks of suffering from a heart disease.

Those who are familiar with social media, can testify that various platforms resonate with “God, when?” when a couple posts their pictures. Everyone loves the filter-polished skins and cheek-deep grins. The radiance of two happy partners could make anyone wish to meet their special person as soon as possible. Only that, they do not know that an abusive relationship could still look beautiful on the outside.

Is there any good reason to remain married?

Just not to come off as a hater who does not want you to find happiness, great relationships can make your life a lot better. There are those who tell of how much better their lives have become, ever since they met their special someone. So, falling in love does have up sides, some of which are:

  • Someone to share your life with: Life can be a lot more than we chew on some days. What makes it livable is the fact that we have someone to whom we can talk about these hard days without feeling defeated or weak. And sometimes, talking about these troubles to an attentive listener can get you bouncing right back.
  • Someone to make memories with: The truth is, finding fulfillment in life is not about making so much money. It is about tender memories which are dear to us. To have a partner lives us with loads and loads of these moments, and on tough days recalling them might just be all the boost we need.

Those who are in relationships have been seen to perform better at work. And it is because they have that one special person who they want to make proud. Who has brought in so much light and happiness into their lives. This makes them so focused and it makes achieving milestones easier.

Medical research reveals how rough marriages are linked with a heart disease

Everything can just fall apart for a person when they find themselves in abusive relationships. The burden of a horrible relationship is enough to slow down the most zestful person in the world. Sometimes, people try to cover the pain they feel in their toxic relationship with smiles but it does have an effect on their health.

According to a medical research, the more a woman stays in a rough marriage, the more likely she is to get a heart disease. Shocking, right? Yes, but it is just the truth. The research was carried out by two scholars, Glaser and Kiecolt-Glaser, at the Ohio State Campus.  Results showed that the women in unhappy relationships and the women who remained emotionally hung up on their ex-husbands had decidedly weaker immune responses than the women who were in happier relationships (or were happily out of them).

Although, this is contrary to the belief that married couples were healthier than single individuals, researchers concluded that stress from marital life affects the general wellbeing of a person. So, you will do a lot better embracing singlehood than staying in your rough marriage. Yes. You do not deserve to die of a heart disease.

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