Men Are Less Likely To Use Condom With Attractive Women, Study Shows

Too hot for latex (condom)? Love may be blind, but lust has eyes for the beautiful stuff.

The clamor for early sex education has intensified over the years. Many programs have been put in place since the turn of the 21st century to curb unprotected sex and to cripple the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

But a recent study has shown that sex education might just be insufficient. According to the study, men are more likely to not wear condoms when they have sex with a beautiful lady.

The research also revealed that men perceive pretty women as promiscuous. This is logical because pretty women are naturally going to attract more offers. Knowing that promiscuity is one of the easiest ways to contract diseases, one would expect that men would keep their tools in their pants. Surprisingly, the reverse is the case. In simple terms, men are more likely to have unprotected sex with people they are more likely to contract diseases from. The irony of this is not only baffling. It also renders the safe sex education of the farce.

Although women are said to be hypergamous (they pick the best of the crop of men), men also have a desire to mate with beautiful women. A beautiful woman represents a number of things: high status, for example. Men would feel better about themselves if they bedded a beauty. There is also the biological assumption that highly attractive people (women, in this case) are less prone to parasite attacks.

Let’s balance this No Condom stance out

To balance the facts, the researchers also tried a reverse study to see if men maintain their No Condom stance with less desirable women. The result? They don’t. Men were more willing to use protection when they had intercourse with less beautiful women.

The study also showed that men’s perception of their own attractiveness also played a role in whether they were willing to have unprotected sex. A good looking man, for example, is less likely to use a condom. Interestingly, a previous research showed this same phenomenon to be true for women. Women, just like men, are less likely to demand protection if the man’s attractive.

The researchers also noted that the study was to figure out how men were likely to react rather than how men do react. This means that depending on the situation in reality, a man may indeed use a condom. The research results only show that a man “would be more open” to the idea of having unprotected sex with an attractive person even if he thinks she has STIs.

Aside attractiveness, it must be said that there are many other factors that encourage unprotected sex. Popular among those are drunkenness and drug abuse, both of which were not included in the study. There is a popular Nigerian tagline used in HIV Awareness campaigns: HIV no dey show face! With over millions suffering from HIV, it is important that men and women take necessary precautions to not fatten that pool. So, zip up!

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