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One Simple Way to Predict the Gender of your Unborn Baby

Baby bumps are beautiful. When we see them on women who still manage to be gorgeous, we cannot stop staring. For most people, they immediately feel a compulsive need to comment on the baby bump. Others proceed to advise the woman to eat some more fruits and some other foods, as though they were dieticians. Not everyone knows that all pregnancies are different. Many assume that once it’s a baby growing inside of you, they can recommend foods, guess how many weeks you’ve got left, and even predict the gender of your baby.

Some pregnant women, especially first-time mothers, do not know how to handle all the attention they get. Their neighbors, church members, colleagues at work, and the storekeeper down the road, all have different things to say about her baby bump. The comments can be based on the shape and size of your belly. Those who thing your baby bump is too big to be carrying one baby, begin to call you “Iya abeji” or “Mama ejima” depending on what part of the country you live.

Can you predict the gender of your unborn baby?

Expecting mothers and their spouses can get really curious about the gender of their unborn baby. Especially those who are from tribes where the female child is discriminated against. In such tribes, a woman could be divorced if she bears only female children. This is because a man without a son is considered heirless. Although things are beginning to change for the better, but a pregnant woman who has 4 daughters already will be so curious to know if it’s a boy.

In medicine, the gender of a child is determined at the 14th week of pregnancy. The exception to this is, if the woman is getting pregnant by In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). In which case, she is able to choose her preferred gender even before she becomes pregnant. Incredible, right? Well, many thanks to science!

Aside from medical procedures, are there other ways to predict the gender of your unborn baby? Oh Yeah… According to midwives, if during pregnancy your belly shape is pointed, your baby is most likely male. If your belly is round-shaped, your baby is most likely female. That sounds pretty easy and costs absolutely nothing but a few minutes in front of a mirror, examining your baby bump.

Wrapping up

It is important to point out that medics say this method is not reliable. Many of them consider it a midwife myth. But is this just a myth? Oh well… I believe the midwives who came up with it were speaking from experience. So, we cannot completely disagree with them simply because it has no scientific validation just yet.

Also, health experts say that the size and shape of a woman’s belly when she is pregnant depends on some factors. These factors include, the woman’s height, weight, the lying position of the foetus, and whether or not she is a first-time mother.

However, for the fun of guesses and guessing right, try to predict the gender of your unborn baby. Then let us know whether you were right when your bundle of joy arrives! It’s a 50-50 thingy. You have nothing to lose.

Iya abeji (Yoruba)/ Mama ejima (Igbo): Mother of twins

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