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Online Merchants Reveal the More Generous Gender

In this period of economic hardship, giving gifts is a sacrifice that many may be reluctant to make. However, giving gifts are very important part of relationships. Some people feel loved when they get gifts. Perhaps, it is one way their lover says without words, “I was thinking about you.” This is why receiving gifts has been listed as one of the five love languages. Have you mastered the art of giving small surprise gifts to your partner? Do you think men are better are giving gifts in relationships?

Time and time again, men talk about the generation of parasitic women, from among which they have to find lovers and spouses. “We are not poverty alleviation programs for you, women!” some furious man will post on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. And as if the post were a call and response song, other men who have been manipulated into becoming human Automated Teller Machines (ATM) would share their stories.

Are Women Really Perpetual Takers?

A study shows that women are better at selecting gifts than men. There is also the argument that women are more likely to give more gifts than men because they are more expressive than men and gifts are basically an expression of love. Does this argument hold water? Well, we did a research and our findings are very insightful.

During the last Christmas, Posh & Venus gathered that contrary to popular opinion, women are not always takers. Reports from online merchants show that women give more gifts than men during Christmas, accounting for 62% of all gift purchases for third party deliveries. “Oh wow!” You say? Women are not perpetual takers. They don’t always send underpants, socks, bowties, handkerchiefs, and the other long list of cheap gifts to men, except of course they don’t love you.

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