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Poll Shows 30% of Nigerian Men Are Sexually Attracted to Tiwa Savage

I’m no magician, but if you ask a Nigerian to name their top five local female celebrities, this is the response you are likely to get: Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, Simi, Genevieve Nnaji, and most recently, the black sheep of Big Brother Naija 2019, Tacha.

This arrangement isn’t exactly random. I listed them in order of popularity.  Tiwa Savage is, undoubtedly, the biggest female star in Nigeria. The social media stats don’t lie.

Tell you what, President Buhari may have won the 2019 elections, fairly or unfairly. But if that election had been held on Instagram or Twitter, Tiwa Savage would have won by a margin as long as the distance from Sokoto to Timbuktu. Yes, she is that big.

But why? Fast facts about Tiwa Savage

Apart from having almost twice as many followers as the president; Tiwa, unlike the divisive figure that Buhari cuts, is hugely loved by the youths — not just for her music, but for her body too.

Born in Isale Eko, Tiwa Savage, who relocated to London at age 11, could easily pass off as the original Brown Skin Girl. (Apologies to Beyoncé). Although 40 years old and now mother of her dapper diaper celebrity model son, Jamil Balogun; the singer — best described as lithe and chocolate — remains an object of a lot of men’s fantasies.

A poll recently conducted by Posh and Venus revealed that 30% of Nigerian men between the virile ages of 21 and 35 were sexually attracted to the former Mavin Records star. And if by any means you are between these ages and reading this, there’s a fine chance that you are also part of this 30%. Deny it.

Look at it this way

In a way, I find this creepy. I know you hate math but let us do this now, shall we? Assuming half of her Instagram followers — that is about 5 million people — are male, we can roughly estimate that about 4 million of those men are within that age bracket since they are the biggest contributors to the Nigerian social media pool.

Now in the event that Tiwa Savage uploads a pic on her page, there’s a chance that 30% of those 4 million men — about 1.2 million men — would be drooling. How about that?

It would seem that Tiwa Savage also realises how much of a distraction she is, which is why in 2019, she took a turn and deleted some of the more racy pictures on her page. Nobody knows why she did that, of course, but I believe that she was trying to keep the stash away from the reach of thirsty men.

Wrapping up

Armed with this fact now, I’d advise that if you ever step into a hair salon and a Tiwa Savage video is playing on TV, request that the barber switches the TV off until he finishes up with your hair or else, you will end up with one messed-up hairline.

Or you can allow him leave the TV on if you want to watch too.

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