Power to Control Minds vs Power to Read Minds: Which Would you Choose?

If we place the power to control minds vs the power to read minds, which would you choose? That feels like having to pick between cupcakes with chocolate toppings and a plate of ice cream. A very difficult decision, I suppose. Mind control and mind reading must be a lot of fun. Aside from the fun, those two are abilities that empower a person to be more emotionally intelligent.

Dealing with people can be problematic on some days. For instance, having a difficult boss or co-worker can be very frustrating. Just imagine if you can read your boss’ mind, would that not solve half of your workplace problems? When navigating the workplace becomes a piece of cake, half of your stress will be gone and that would be such a relief.

Power to control minds vs power to read minds: what are the misconceptions?

 Is mind control and mind reading diabolical? Are they things only gypsies do? Do you need to do black magic to control or read another person’s mind? The answer to these questions is an emphatic No!

Mind control is sometimes known as brainwashing or mental domination. It is defined as “a coercive process to get an individual to think or act a certain way. This is done by impairing their ability to think independently. The idea is that, it is possible to manipulate an individual’s thinking, behavior, emotions, or decisions. This is done through outside sources without their consent or intended cooperation.” It is way different from hypnosis. You are not being hypnotized when your mind is being controlled.

Mind reading on the other hand, as opposed to what many people think, is not mere psychology. That is to say, a person is not automatically a mind reader, just because he or she majors in psychology. Mind reading is also referred to as telepathy. It is simply the ability to tell what a person is thinking at a particular time. Not only is it scientifically proven to be possible, it is not magic. It only takes being a perceptive person to be a mind reader. And yeah, mind reading can actually be learned.

What does it take?

Mind control, according to a hypnotic events company, is achieved through indoctrination, removal of choices, physical confinement, drugs, etc. Whereas, mind reading can be learned by listening and observing. It can also be learned by knowing the personality traits of the person whose mind you want to read. However, there are several other ways.

Mind control and mind reading, interestingly, are very important to couples, sales rep, and marketers. It helps them to employ the right tools for communication, persuasion, and influence. And these two are germane to selling any product, goods, and even services. If you want to be able to convince people. Or deliver convincing pitches to investors you should consider learning any of these two.

Hol’up! Let’s take a minute of your time. Power control vs. power to read minds, which would you choose? Why do you think your choice is the stronger option? Share with us in the comment section.

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