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Science Reveals Who Is Less Likely To Be Dishonest, Between Android Users And iPhone Users

Have you ever taken a mirror selfie before? Yes? No? If your answer is ‘No’, there’s a more than 50% chance that you do not own an iPhone. Yeah… Mirror selfies seem to be the coolest way to flaunt your ownership of a choice possession as an iPhone. I might be wrong. But at least that is what we see on various social media platforms. Between Android users and iPhone users, we know who is more likely to litter the whole place with mirror selfies.

As at 2016, about 90% of the world population of smartphone users were using iPhones. As Apple continues to upgrade and introduce more irresistibly fantastic features, many people cannot ignore iPhones. Not many people admit that owning an iPhone is much more than having a smartphone, it is mostly a thing of class. Owning an iPhone is a mark of sophistication and high tastes.

What is the Difference between Androids and iPhones?

When it comes to smartphones, we cannot say, “phone na phone.” There are androids and iPhones. Apart from the general belief that iPhone is classy and not many can afford it, some people just love the androids. They can’t see themselves using another type of phone even when their income is such as they can spare some hundreds of Naira to buy one. On the flip side, there are those who are dreaming about having iPhones, some going out of their way to get the ‘status’ changing smartphone. One of the following could be their reason:

iPhones, do not crash as easily as android smartphones. Have you ever had a case of a crashed phone? Imagine all the data you lost. If you haven’t had this experience, it is better not imagined. It can be really frustrating but the ease with which home screens and most features can be personalized, seems to be making up for this.

Android phones are very porous because you install apps from whatever source (depending on your settings though). This is not the case with iPhones, you can only install apps from the iOS play store which is a lot more organized than what is available on android smartphones. When people go for iPhones, they are paying for the security, quality apps, frequent and better upgrades and no ads.

Between android users and iPhone users, who is more likely to be dishonest?

Has it ever occurred to you that you could tell how virtuous a person is just by knowing which smartphone they use? This is not a Proverbs 31 stunt. It is a researched finding.

A scientific study shows that Android users have higher levels of honesty, humility, faithfulness, loyalty, and modesty compared to iPhone users. The study was a joint research conducted by researchers at the University of Lincoln, Lancaster University, and the University of Hertfordshire.

Having an iPhone is much more than an indicator that a person has a taste for the finest things of life. It also shows that a person might have some character deficiency. This is not to say that all android phone users are perfect and without any character defects.

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