The Weird Reason Why Phones In Japan Are Made Waterproof

Don’t say you are attached to your phone if you have never been to Japan. In Japan, smartphone addiction is a culture of some sort and their use of waterproof phones is testament to the fact. It

While the rest of the world only started to enjoy the waterproof phones in 2014 with Samsung and Apple’s iPhone 7, waterproof phones have been in existence in Japan since 2004.

Japan is a tech zone, and technological advancements such as this one shouldn’t be all too surprising. What is surprising, however, is that they weren’t just manufacturing those phones to flex their tech muscles; they were doing it to fulfill a bizarre cultural need.

Apparently, in Japan, supercars aren’t the only cool stuff; phones are, too. The manufacturers of phones in Japan had to make them waterproof after they found out that Japanese women were so attached to their phones that they brought them into their shower.

As a result of this behaviour, about 90 – 95% of all Japanese phones are waterproof — a feature that is now considered a standard expectation in the Japanese phone market.

In 2005, the first phone with a waterproof feature, Casio Canu 502S or G’zOne as it was commonly called, was manufactured in Japan. In 2010, Motorola went on to launch the first Android-based waterproof device, Defy.

Talking about phone attachment, the senior vice president of Fujitsu, a company that covers 20% of Japanese smartphone market, said: “The mobile phone is with us 24 hours a day. It accompanies us to the bathroom, to the shower, or under the rain. So it is a necessity for the phone to be robust,”

Taking phones to the bathroom may have been considered a bizarre behaviour in 2004, but not anymore. Smartphones have replaced magazines and old newspapers as the ultimate restroom companion. It is 2020 and having a shower playlist is now a thing; there is no doubt that waterproof phones are going to flood the markets in the coming years.

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