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Trying To Manage Stress? Reminiscing About Your Childhood Might Be The Antidote

Many people speak fondly about their childhood. But in most cases, not without a pinch of regret, “Why was I even in a hurry to grow up?” The reason for this is not farfetched. They miss the sweet innocence of their childhood and the child-like heart that easily lets go of hurts. Not just that, they also miss the pleasure of having no worries and the exclusive children privilege of not having to manage stress.

Adulthood comes with many ups and downs. From finding oneself to pushing for financial freedom, and footing an endless string of bills. As an adult, neither will anyone be taking or making excuses for your inadequacies, you have to step up and take responsibilities. This is why many adults are stressed.

Why adults get stressed

In a study conducted among 605 Nigerian undergraduates of which 78% of them were in their 20s. It revealed that 90% of their visits to the doctor were for the purpose of seeking medical help for stress-induced sicknesses. But why do adults suffer from stress? Not many of us intentionally transited from adolescence to adulthood. For most of us, time simply passed and we found that we were no longer kids or teens. It seems like we suddenly happened on adulthood.

The lack of or inadequate preparation for adulthood is the main reason why adult suffer from stress. Most parents and teachers are honestly ignorant about the need to prepare teens for the challenges ahead. For instance, when a teen catches his despondent mom with her hand supporting her head, he tries to find out what could be wrong. His mom would drop a cold “you cannot understand” and dismiss him with a wry smile.

Managing stress

An adult trying to manage stress might get frustrated. Because the things which cause stress are mostly everyday activities. Some common cause of stress can be a difficult boss, and troublesome colleagues at work. It can also be an unfaithful spouse, natural disasters resulting in loss of home, businesses, and loved ones.

Interestingly, there are different kinds of stress and not all stress is bad. If you are going through what is known as eustress which like the emergency hormones prepares you to take flight from danger. It is a good type stress but it soon becomes acute stress, chronic stress and then distress, which is the peak of stress. Distress can lead to psychological, emotional, and even physical health conditions characterized by recurrent depressive and emotional upheavals.

Fortunately, managing stress has been made easy by scientific discoveries. Research shows that, thinking back to your childhood, an act of represented by the word, nostalgia can help reduce life stress. It can also make you feel calmer, happier, and more positive about the future. I bet you are wondering, “how is this even possible?”

Well, a recent research at the University of Southampton in England, reveals that nostalgia is “far from being a feeble escape from the present.” According to the research, it is “a source of strength, enabling the individual to face the future.”

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