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Want a Quality Partner? Never Lower Your Standards

The pressure to ‘settle down’ (the colloquial term for starting a family) begins to roll in for women in their mid-20s. Men, on the other hand, have till their 30s, before parents begin to ask when he would bring a woman home. By this same age, every average single woman has run out of counting graces for how many times she is asked one or both of these questions: “Do you know your biological clock is ticking?” “Na when we go chop rice? (The Nigerian way of saying, when is your wedding?)” Hanging in for a quality partner becomes difficult

Quite obviously, women are under a lot more societal pressure as regards marriage, compared to men. No doubt, this is why most women have low mate standards? Yeah.

How to attract a quality partner

Not many can carefully think things through when neck-deep in pressure. Parents, peers, even colleagues are work make sarcastic remarks and ugly jokes about the single woman are 30 and over. When there is barely any breathing space, she is more likely to say ‘yes’ to a person-way below her standards.

Funny how parents step in by arranging meet-ups with their friends’ sons/daughters who are old enough to marry. Everyone suddenly forgets that we all have a unique timeline. So, they go, “why are you so choosy? They are completely oblivious of the fact that being picky in love is the key to finding Mr. Right. Since the goal is not to rush in and out of marriage, one has to shut out the pressure and stick with reasonable standards.

While you are sticking out your head for Mr. Right, our advice to you is, have high standards when it comes to choosing a partner and never accept whatever you can get. The higher your standards are, the better your chances of attracting a quality partner. And yes, a quality partner is definitely what you deserve.

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