Want To Spice Up Your Relationship? Try Morning Sex

There is a common perception that people who don’t get out of bed early are lazy and are mostly likely not going to get much done over the day. But, hear this now: this depends on what you are doing in bed. For those who spend their mornings having sex, they end up having a very productive day.

The smell of coffee and fries. Breakfast in bed. The morning sun peeping through the curtain. The general quiet. All of these things set the mood for a morning of romance.

Biology seems to be in favor of this too. Studies have shown that, in the morning, sex hormones (that is, the testosterone and estrogen) are at their most powerful. The testosterone not only heightens the libido of the man, it also improves the strength of the erection.

Spicing up your relationship

It is undeniable that a huge part of what makes up the foundation of solid relationships is good sex. During sex, the feel-good hormone, the dopamine, is released in the brain and this provides the person with enough good vibes to last the entire day.

The quiet — and the release of the oxytocin hormone — improves bonding, and if you are a romantic, this is probably the best time to listen to your partner’s thoughts.

How morning sex can spice up your relationship

Morning sex helps to relieve stress (especially if you are Lagosian, sorry!) and could also serve as workout. I mean, why sweat and grunt agonizingly to complete your daily routine of push-ups when you can engage in something more fulfilling and just as energizing.

Bruno Mars, in his song, The Lazy Song, sang in his characteristic melodic voice that he didn’t feel like doing anything all day. You know, perhaps if he had tried a round of morning sex, he might have been felt a lot more enthusiastic.

One friendly advice though: to really make the best of this, try to maintain good oral health and brush at least twice a day or at least before the sex. Your goal is to strengthen your romance not to kill someone’s child.

No, don’t thank me. Now go into the world and spice up that relationship!

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