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Watching Horror Movies Might Not Be Good During Pregnancy.

Are horror movies audience-selective? I mean, everyone loves a good horror movie that leaves them breathless and sitting on the edge of their seat. You can’t help but imagine what’s going to happen around the corner. It leaves you wondering if your favorite character is getting out of the haunted house alive. Usually, to ease the tension, I tell myself it’s just acting. But even at that, a sharp sound from the movie spreads wrinkles all over my skin, and sends my heart racing faster than Usain Bolt.

Most of these movies are rated 18. Meaning it’s not good for children. But what they do not tell you is that it’s not good for a certain section of the adult population, pregnant women precisely. I bet your eyes are popping in shock. “Are horror movies audience selective? “

Research on the adverse effects of watching horror movies brought back various results. Most women who watched a horror movie were scared or excited and had increased heartbeat. An Increased heartbeat induces serotonin which will not harm the baby but make it uncomfortable.

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The second result showed that high level of stress from your 40 hours a week job is more likely to result in premature birth and low birth weight than a two-hour horror movie.

Given both results, it’s a low-risk situation. We would advise, however, that you stay away from horror movies. Especially if you do not have a strong mental capacity to withstand it. Horror movies can have a lasting psychological effect on a person days after watching them, and your mental health is also good for your unborn child.

So next time you go for antenatal care make sure that newly premiered horror movie is not in your bucket list.

Speaking of horror movies, I totally think you should see US, the new horror movie by Lupita N’yong’o.

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