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Weddings: A guide to selecting an Aso Ebi that would be loved by all

Everyone in Nigeria knows that “Saturdays are for weddings.” There are tens to hundreds of weddings holding every Saturday all over Nigerian cities and even the remotest of places. People are finding love and their friends, families, and neighbors just love to celebrate with them as they set out on their journeys to forever. So, it is normal to see beautiful pictures of couples and wedding guests flood the social media space on Saturdays. And we absolutely love it!

Planning weddings is not easy. It takes a lot of time and some very good money. Many couples who can afford the services of an event planner do not hesitate to hire one and unburden themselves. However, hiring an event planner does not take away all the load from the couple. They still have to send out invitation cards, shop a lot, and of course, pick an “aso ebi.”

What is an aso ebi?

Selection and distribution of aso ebi is such an important part of many wedding parties in some parts of Nigeria. Aso ebi is a fabric (expensive lace or ankara prints) chosen by the couple to be worn by the guests at their wedding party. Usually, the guests pay for the number of yards they want and sew whatever style they want. The use of aso ebi is a common practice among the Yorubas of South- Western Nigeria.

According to our findings, in South-West Nigeria, the “Aso Ebi” saga has been found to be responsible for more than half of pre-wedding issues between couples and their families. This why couples need to be careful to factor in everyone’s taste.

Selecting a fabric which would meet the taste of the multi-class families of both bride, groom, their friends and well-wishers sometimes poses a great problem. The bride could select one which her mother in law does not consider befitting of her status. At the same time, the fabric will meet her mother’s open arms and win her friends approval right away.

Aso ebi selection tips for weddings

If you are tying the knot in the coming months and you are yet to select an aso ebi, we want to help you make it as hassle free as possible. So, here are some questions to guide the aso ebi selection process:

Will this fabric suit both the light-skinned and dark complexioned? There are dark, brown and light skinned people who would love to pay for some yards of your aso ebi, but if it it’s too dull or too bright, you will lose many of them.

Will our well-to-do family members and guests love it?  If the fabric has a texture that spells cheap, you can be sure that your rich friends would not want to pay for it. It does not have to be too expensive; it just needs to be of good quality.

Can our underprivileged well-wishers afford it? We all have well-wishers who are not so rich. They want to share in our joy and celebrate along, but can they afford your aso ebi?

Is it one that is readily available in the market? Or will you liaise with a sole distributor? The latter is often the best option to ensure there is a discount and your guests do not comb the whole market in search of the fabric.

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