What Causes Beer Belly And Why You Should Burn Belly fat

For so many people, a man who has a pot belly is likely to be well to do and could perhaps be a sugar daddy material. You know the “small girl, big god” kinda thing? Yeah! Exactly that. But is that always the case? Is beer belly an indication that a man is financially stable and willing to get down with you then spoil you in return?

Although it is true that no man would prefer a beer belly to well-aligned six-packs and nice biceps, many men have beer bellies. The main cause of this, being their diet and other habits which they had no idea would contribute to that.

What really gives a person a beer belly?

Does one get a beer belly simply by consuming bottles of beer? Not exactly. People get pot bellies from bad habits and stressful daily routines which they do not even pay much attention to. So don’t go tagging every beer bellied man an alcoholic because a high level of stress can make the body to stimulate cortisol, a hormone which increases the storage of fat in the body.

Also, beer does not contain fats. Looking at its nutritional facts, it contains carbs, proteins, calories, alcohol, and some micronutrients which the body needs to function properly. If beer contains no fat, the question now is, how does consuming it result in abdominal obesity?

According to experts, it contains lots of calories which can make for weight for gain especially because it is not filling enough to reduce your food intake. So, it means that while your calories from beer is coming, those from your meals keep coming. This adds up to increase your total weight.

In addition to this, beer makes the body to concentrate on breaking down alcohol in your system rather than breaking down fats. The excess fat finds a way to accumulate in the abdominal region and results in pot bellies.

It is important to note that other types of alcohol can cause abdominal obesity because alcohol does have a general capacity to make you gain weight because of its high calories content. A moderate consumption is not known to result in abdominal obesity.

What health risks are you prone to when you have excess belly fat?

Medics refer to excessive belly fat as visceral fats or abdominal obesity. It is not only something which applies to men, women also have it. Although it seems more common with men because men are higher consumers of alcohol. But the effect on men is not always as horrible as it is with women.

One way to know that you already have beer belly is to monitor your waist line. For women, once their waistline is above 35 inches, they must begin to work at reducing it. While for men, if it is above 40 inches, a danger alarm goes immediately. In both cases, it just might be the right time to see a doctor before things escalate.

Excess fat in the belly does not show that you are a big man. Rather it shows that you are prone to some deadly diseases because of the pressure of the fat on your organs. Having “beer belly” means that you have stored fat deeper inside around your internal organs and not just beneath the skin. It is linked to heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol. Burn it!

It might appear difficult when you first set out on shedding belly fat at the gym or via indoor exercises of at least 30 minutes a day, but you will doing yourself a great favor.

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