What Does Sharing Nudes With Your Partner Say About Your Relationship?

In this era of societal obsession with sex, relationships without physical intimacy are so few or possibly nonexistent. One of the frequently asked relationship questions is, can a relationship work without sex? Except under strict religious restraints, couples generally go from hugs to holding hands, then from smooching to sex. After sex, sexting and sharing nude or semi-nude photos soon become a norm. Is sharing nudes with your partner good for the relationship?

A new study revealed that sending nudes or sexy texts is the new way lovers keep the spark alive in their relationships. Especially if it is a distant relationship in which case, partners do not get to see each other often, relationship expert says, sharing nudes is just one way to “spice” the relationship. We can say that couples, who exchange nudes are simply trying to make up for the absence? Or trying to say how much they miss their partner.

With the recent popularity of screenshots and revenge porn, sending nude or semi-nude photos to a partner is risky. This is because we cannot say what the next day would bring. And such is life, and love, so full of uncertainties. Your sweetheart today may be as good as a stranger tomorrow or the day after. The mushy mushy and romantic exchange of nudes can quickly become a weapon for blackmail.

According to a study, sending nude or semi-nude photos to a partner is linked to higher levels of uncertainty about the relationship. Further findings in this study reveal that nudes do not make for relationship satisfaction for both men or women. It, however, established the fact that sending nude or semi-nude photos have some linkages with higher levels of relationship ambivalence for both males and females.

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