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Why Confidence is the Number One Quality of Playboys

Show me your confidence and I’ll tell you who you are. Excess confidence is the key ingredient in the making of playboys.

A new research by Posh and Venus has shown that 85% of men who show a little too much confidence are playboys. Self-confidence is an intrinsic quality — a belief in one’s self-worth. In a man, confidence can take on the form of assertiveness.

Why are playboys so confident?

Years of association with women has helped the playboy hone his wooing skills to perfection. He knows all the hoops, all the hurdles, and he scales them just as a seasoned driver would evade potholes. Also, his ego is fortified by the number of women he has been able to woo successfully.

So when he walks, everything in him — from his gait to his speech — resonates confidence. He thinks himself irresistible. And that, is the vibe that women dig!

Why do women fall for playboys?

The issue of whom ladies are most attracted to, will forever be fodder for papers in psychology. But there is no doubt that an overwhelming number of women are drawn to playboys. Yes, women usually are able to recognize a playboy when they see one but they still fall. Why? Because they are flattered by the idea he chose them amongst many other women available to him.

Contrary to popular sentiments that pervade social media these days, women do not want weak men. A weak man in this context is one who doesn’t think highly of himself. A playboy, as explained, regards himself highly and is confident he can get whomever he wants.

In a study carried out by one of the leading online dating sites, Zoosk, it was revealed that men with the words, “maybe”, “sort of”, “kind of”, and “not sure” in their profile in opening messages, got 25% less attention online. What this translates to is that, women — much like their attraction to confidence — are turned off by the lack of it. Playboys do not lack this directness.

Why are women so attracted to confidence?

Naysayers may say, this is overstating the impact of confidence. Of course, women do love money too. Who doesn’t? And the psychology behind loving money is also why they are attracted to confidence. Women are psychologically wired to desire protection, to lean in towards those that they can depend on for survival.

Although more pronounced in primitive ages, this mentality has seeped into the modern age, albeit in newer forms. Protection is not necessarily physical any more. Nobody has to wrestle wild beasts or lift boulders to personally build their houses. But people need money to get facilities for survival. A confident man, much like the wealthy man, has the ability to position himself high up on the social strata. In these times, high social status is key to survival.

It should also be said that although wealth usually brings confidence, it is not necessarily a commodity of the rich. A confident man might embody other desirable qualities: good looks and intelligence, for example. So, ladies, your confident partner is a walking magnet.

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