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Why Couples Should Consider Going to Bed Unclothed

After a long day, it feels great to return home to a spouse waiting to hear the tiniest detail of how one’s day went. An ideal evening routine for a couple would be in this order. Talk over a plate of steaming food, then get into the shower together, and sink into a cozy bed right after. This may not always be possible, considering factors like gridlock and other mobility issues in big cities. Notwithstanding, when couples get to retire at the close of the day, should they do so clothed? What good can sleeping naked do for couples?

The lovey-dovey of honeymoons quickly smolders into a flicker months after couples return to work. Except they both are deliberate about being active lovers, things usually go from spicy hot to icy cold. It is at this point that many couples begin to look up tips on how to spark things in the bedroom. What many of them do not know is that, they could have prevented things from getting stale in the first place.

How Can Couples Maintain the Bedroom Spark?

One way for couples to maintain the bedroom spark is by going to bed unclothed. This simple tip is very potent but has been underrated for years. Five couples were asked to go to bed unclad for one week and share their experiences. The findings were interesting and posits very good reasons why couples should sleep unclad.

What good can sleeping naked do for couples? Aside the hot weather we are now experiencing, you and your sweetheart should go to bed naked every other day. It will not only make intimate moments frictionless; it would make you two happy.  According to the findings of a UK survey, couples who sleep naked together are more likely to be happy with their relationship than couples who sleep clothed. Except on your woman’s red days (menstrual period), you really should consider ditching PJs and nighties!

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