Why Drinking Water Is The Best Skincare You Can Get

Money makes the world go round, yes. But some of the best things in this life are usually free: true love, good friends, air and a glowing, ever-young skin.

Don’t snigger. You are probably thinking: if glowing skins are free, then Rihanna and Kylie Jenner shouldn’t be making monstrous amounts of money with their cosmetic ventures.

That’s why I’m here. In Jay Z’s voice, I ask: do you want to live forever young? Well then, here is a life hack: staying constantly hydrated is the single most effective way of getting and maintaining a healthy glowing skin.

Drinking a lot of water is good for overall health of the body. Apart from its important role in digestion, circulation of nutrients and in cooling and regulating temperature, it has also been proven to have great effects on the skin.

Like the other organs in the human body, the cells of the skin (which is even the largest organ) is made up of water.  Every day, we lose water from our skins by sweating and this loss leads to a deficit. When we do not replace this water we lose, it tells on our skin tone and texture, leaving it dry, puffy and flaky. And drinking just average amounts of water will not fill that deficit especially since water is transported to other organs before it gets to the skin.

Although it may read magical, but if you have been looking for an elixir to remain young forever, you do not need to cross dry islands or Shadow of Deaths; what you desire is around you: water. (Of course, I do not expect vampires to agree with me).

Drinking a lot of water gives the skin a moisturized sheen and increases its elasticity. This gives us a supple look and give the  impression  of  agelesness.

Asides helping us defy the inevitability of age, drinking water also helps improve our skin tone and fight off skin diseases like enzema. A study conducted by the University of Missouri-Columbia revealed that drinking two cups of water flushes out toxins and also increases the flow of blood to the skin; the resultant of this is a skin with an even tone.

Water also helps to reduce puffiness of the skin. Puffiness is the skin’s failsafe to retain water when a person goes dehydrated for long hours. The skin swells in an unflattering way and to smoothen this out, one must drink enough water.

The importance of drinking water cannot be overemphasised. Acne, for example, is one of the world’s most common facial issue and even this could be effectively handled by being more conscious about their hydration habits.

Staying hydrated helps to balance the oil and water on the skin surface. This reduces the size of the skin pores hence, lessens the risk of the breakout of acne. This little fact is also one of the negatives of wearing makeup or excess foundation.

In their quest to become the next Sleeping Beauty, some people sleep with makeup on and this clogs the pores.

Of course, we must not get ahead of ourselves and say water is the ultimate cure-all, cosmetics are not exactly the villain of this story. But if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, 8 glasses of water a day will do same to the dermatologist.

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