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Why Every Shy And Timid Girl Should Learn How To Twerk

More recently, a vast majority of the female folk have become relatively good at twerking. And the few who have not caught up with this trend might be considering enrolling in an informal dance school, (on Instagram or YouTube) to learn this popular dance. Twerking is the latest big thing in the mainstream media. Considering the number of twerk videos women post on various social media platforms daily, we can afford to go on without giving an outright definition.

However, for clarity sake, Luke O’Neil aptly defined twerking as “the dance which has become a catch-all for its overtly sexualized style, wherein one manipulates the hips and posterior in an often hypnotic and physics-defying bounce.” So many people think twerking is a completely new dance type and hence the recent craze. But is this truly the case?

Is Twerking an Entirely New Dance?

Twerking is traced back to Côte d’Ivoire in West Africa, where a similar style of dance, known as the Mapouka dance, originated. According to Black Then, “The dance has existed for centuries and consists of a series of movements which places emphasis on the buttocks.” It seems like everyone who describes twerking points out its seductive powers without really pointing out its other incredible benefits. I guess you are already wondering if twerking has any benefit other than to feed fat the lusts of internet subscribers.

Nevertheless, like all forms of dance, twerking does have other benefits. And we cannot continue to allow ignorance deprive us of it. Twerking is the latest big thing in the mainstream media. It builds confidence and can improve your sex life. It is considered as a full-body exercise especially great for sculpting, toning and endurance. So if you are looking to build your stamina, shed some weight and rid yourself of the backdrops of timidity, twerking is one dance you should try!

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