Why Massage Is The Best Treatment Your Scars Can Get

Most of us have scars. These are not the mental scars that we have after a horrible breakup — those kinds, of course, can’t be treated by massage. You might have to head out, meet new people or go see a shrink. To clear the physical scars we get from cuts, surgery or the like, massage is the way out. Wondering how to permanently get rid of scars?

Scar tissues are your skin’s maintenance/damage control squad. A deep cut would leave your skin inflamed but after a couple of days, your body starts to produce collagen fires to close the wound, a scab covers the wound to shield the area from germs, and heal the wound. Because these fibres don’t grow in a consistent direction, they tend to become discolored.

This is the point where the scar tissues start to form. This phase is called the remodeling phase. Sensitivity slowly returns to the scarred area.

Although scar formation is important, they are not very pleasant to look at. They either remind the person of a traumatic injury or they just stubbornly stand out as a blemish. This is why, after scars have served their healing function, people start to think of ways to wipe them off their skin.

Wondering how to permanently get rid of scars?

While it is popularly believed that rubbing lotion or jelly oils might help lessen the scar outlook, a report from the National Institute of Health has advised that there isn’t enough scientific evidence to back this claim.

Massage, on the other hand, stimulates the skin, encourages cellular movement and growth, and this ultimately helps the scars to fade into the skin. Massage also improves blood flow, reduces soreness and increases the scar’s flexibility.

The technique of massage to be deployed largely depends on the type and maturity of the scar. While younger scars can be massaged with low intensity, older scars require more aggressive hand techniques. Here is a simple procedure to follow:

  – in circular clockwise motion, massage the scar with the pad of the thumb. Massage in anticlockwise motion.

  – stretch the skin around the scar gently and repeat massage.

  – slowly slide your finger up and down the scar while applying pressure. Repeat for 5 mins.

Precaution: Before attempting this, consult your doctor.

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