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Why Men Get More Upset By Sexual Infidelity Than Women

Sexual infidelity and emotional infidelity are the two most common forms of infidelity.

Sexual infidelity is the stuff that scandals are made up of. A tumble in the sheets with a colleague, a secretary, the girl next door or the bartender.

Emotional infidelity, on the other hand, refers to a more subtle form of cheating; one that doesn’t necessarily have to lead to sex. In this case, a person in a ‘boring’ relationship starts to seek comfort in the company of somebody other than their partners.

While men and women are guilty of both forms of infidelity, studies have shown that they both react differently to them. In a survey carried out by Posh and Venus on 1000 Nigerians, it was revealed that men are more disturbed by sexual infidelity than they are by emotional infidelity. The reverse is the case for women.

These findings are consistent with that of a study conducted by Chapman University on over 64000 Americans. The results from this research showed that 54% of men as opposed to 35% of women were more likely to be offended by sexual infidelity.

For emotional infidelity, 65% of women were more likely to be offended by it (as opposed to 46% of men).

And why is that the case?

One of the reasons why a man might be offended by sexual infidelity is because it leads him to question his sexual prowess. Society has enforced the idea that men are to take charge in bedrooms and you can tell easily that that is an area that a lot of men are insecure about by the number of sex organ pills and aphrodisiacs available on the market.

There is also the question of paternity. If a man finds that his wife has cheated on him sexually, he could start to doubt that he is even the father of his children. Women do not go through this ordeal.

Since women are governed by emotions and romanticize the idea of heart-felt love, this form of infidelity is like hot arrow through the heart. The fact that their man confides in another woman leaves them questioning their sense of self.

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