Why That Mean Friend Who Drives You Crazy Should Always Be in Your Circle

We all have that ‘mean‘ friend who can drive us nuts. Make us go full fledged crazy. And still calm us down, effortlessly. Friends are a blessing, sometimes, the most underrated of all our blessings. In recent times, social capital has become a topic in many groups, people are beginning to see things differently. Since friendship began opening doors for people and getting them into big offices, the need to build a valuable network is all so obvious. There are, however, fake and real friends. What one character should you look out for in real friends?

Although making friends comes easily to some, it is a Herculean task for others, particularly introverts. Everyone needs friends, whether it be for moral support or for company. Sometimes, people do not set out to look for friends when they land some irresistibly magnetic personalities. And boom! They become great friends. We have always been taught to not let our friends choose us. Does it always work this way?

Many people share stories about friends who became family and hype men when the rest of the world neglected them. The clichéd maxim, “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. Hard times are truly the test if real friendships. Friendship goes beyond clapping and cheering, sometimes it has to sit silently beside an ailing fellow and share some invisible load, pain, sorrow, psychological problems, etc.

What one character should you look out for in real friends? There are many pointers to the authenticity of a friends, but there is one which many are unaware of. A new study suggests that a friend who seems to be the meanest with you about yourself in ways that make you crazy is most likely the one who loves you the most. Good friends politely call your attention to your mistakes in private. They are not those who never see faults in what you do. They playfully tease you into dropping bad habits.

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