Will Men Take Birth Control Pills? New Statistics Says Yes.

It takes two to tango. The same way it takes two to rumple in the sheets. Except if you are a lonely person cuddling a pillow on a cold night. Even with technological advancement and the sprouting of test-tube babies, there is still the need for sperm and an ovum. So the million-naira question now is: if baby-making is a two-way thing, how then is it that birth control in the form of contraceptive usage is strictly a female thing? Will men take birth control pills?

Nearly sixty years after the milestone invention of the very effective female contraceptive pill, women have continued to shoulder this responsibility. Of course, men have played their part too. Common among contraceptive methods for men include the use of a condom, the very risky withdrawal method and the nightmarish (permanent!) surgical procedure called vasectomy; all of which have major downsides. While the vasectomy is effective but expensive; the duo of condom and withdrawal technique aren’t. Cases of condom leak or late withdrawal aren’t new to the ear.

Why Then do Men not Have a Pill of Their Own?

Big question. Scientists have continued to research on the possibility of a male contraceptive pill, with the new DMAU (dimethandrolone undecanoate) pill showing great promise. According to Dr. Stephanie Page, the concept of male contraceptives is similar to those of the females; a system that blocks signal from the brain to the testicles and limits testosterone levels. This could toy with hormones though, and cause things like low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Some people, however, believe that scientists haven’t handled the situation with urgency because of the firmly-rooted social belief that women are chiefly responsible for the pregnancy and perceived disinterest from men.

However, although men are usually hesitant to answer whether they would be willing to take bullets for their partners, a recent poll showed a third of sexually active British men would actually be willing to take the pill for their partners if available.  In the United States, 77% of sexually active men showed interest in the male pill. How brave, ha-ha!

What would you do though? Would you take a male pill, sir? Talk to us. Norms are changing, and it’s only a matter of time before these pills hit the stores (say decades!).

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